We help the dental industry manufacturers grow

Marketing Consulting

Help you reach new horizons

Marketing reveals your face to the world. What you show is crucial to whom you target.

In particular, we help the Asian manufacturers to adapt their marketing to a Western audience. We offer our knowledge of these markets and, unlike most other agencies, bring the expertise of actual dentists.

Our services consists of:
• Marketing consulting
• Collaterals design
• Translation services

Business Development

We offer new outlets for your products

Growing often implies to go beyond one’s boundaries.

We help manufacturers entering new markets by identifying those with the best opportunities, and then helping them to open doors and find local partners.

Our services consists of:
• Market research
• Business Development services to contact future clients
• Match making with potential partners


The best equipment for the best dentists

We resell the best products we have sourced through various channels in several countries.

Unlike other suppliers, we ourselves are a team of practicing dentists, hence we have the advantage of putting our equipment through months of extensive testing. Once all quality and safety requirements have been met, only then we make them available for sale. It’s all about raising the standard of our industry and ensuring the well-being of our patients.

We resell through our network of partners in market across various channels: sales rep, e-commerce…

Who we are

A professional network of dentists all across the globe

Dental Dealer Services was created in 2016 by a team of dentists across the world sharing the same vision that good products should be accessible at a fair price.

We strive to support less known manufacturers who produce excellent products to help them achieve the success they deserve.